99.5 The Mountain – Dan Mitchell


Dan Mitchell is a Colorado native and has been on the radio in his hometown for the last 30 years. He is known for his knowledge and love of music. You know, Dan was the guy that you would hang out with back in the day that would absolutely insist that you listen to the latest song that he was digging on. Not only would Dan play the whole song for you, he’d play back this guitar lick or that fantastic vocal track and it was his mission to get to really HEAR the music, not just listen to it…you ended up loving that song as much as he did. Dan’s that guy! You can hear him everyday on 99.5 The Mountain! Dan Mitchell’s the guy with the PHONO-graphic memory and a voice that could melt butter on a cold Colorado day. Follow this link www.995themountain.com to catch up on his blog page.

Dan’s priorties over the years have included work, music, family and fun. Trips to the dentist weren’t exactly always high on the list, and over the years Dan started smiling a lot less. He began to feel a little self conscious about his teeth, not because they were really unhealthy, they just started to show their age.

The wonderful thing is that Dan doesn’t really need $30,000 worth of expensive veneers for his teeth to look and feel great again. We are going to straighten Dan’s teeth with Invisalign, re-shape a tooth, and do a couple of whitening procedures. Dr. Richter wants you to know that your natural smile can be your most beautiful smile, and if your teeth have been missing a little TLC lately, that you, just like Dan, are not too far away from a beautiful natural looking smile with minimal appearances from the often feared dental drill, and shots of novocaine.

Here is Dan’s Invisalign Clincheck. It shows how his teeth will move into better alignment over his Invisalign treatment. All this movement is obtained without braces! He is currently in the refinement phase where we fine tune the placement of certain teeth. After we finish the refinement and a couple more whitening procedures, we will unveil his before and after pictures. You will be amazed! Stay tuned, and tune into Dan Mitchell on 99.5 The Mountain, weekdays from 1PM to 7PM!


UPDATE: Dan’s nearly finished with his Invisalign, and we have been doing some in-office whitening and Dan has been whitening at home. Can you spot where we reshaped one of his teeth? Check out the difference in that lower front tooth! In the final shot, he’s actually wearing his Invisalign aligners! Can you tell?

Drop us a quick email if you are interested in procedures like this by clicking here. One of the fun little secrets about Invisalign is that many patients lose weight while in treatment because you don’t snack as much! Dan’s down 15lbs! We’ll keep updating you with his progress!