Dental Implants in Parker, CO

Special on Dental Implants in Parker

Dr. Brian Richter’s clinic in Parker, Colorado, Twin Aspen Dental Center, is pleased to offer a special deal on precision-placed dental implants. BOGOHO! Buy one get one half off your dental implants. That is a pretty great discount! Contact us by clicking here.

Missing a couple of teeth?

We know it’s a bummer. You eat and chew differently now. You smile differently, you even talk differently! You’ve looked into dental implants and the results are not pleasing, are they? You got trapped into a half day seminar where someone who wasn’t even a doctor prepared you for a bill for thousands of dollars! Does insurance cover them? Nope. Then, another dentist told you to go to an oral surgeon! This is surgery!? Well, the procedure does include drilling a hole in your skull and placing a titanium screw in there, so…yeah. Although, it’s nice to know that the good doctor has some cutting edge technology to help you out.

The Sirona Galileos helps Twin Aspen Dental Center precison-place dental implants. Images taken with the Sirona Galileos, prior to precision-placed dental implants at Twin Aspen Dental Center

Twin Aspen Dental Center uses the Sirona Galileos cone beam x-ray device to virtually place every dental implant before any surgery is done, ensuring proper implant placement, depth, size and angulation that fits your anatomy. It’s a custom placed implant solution meant for your mouth and only your mouth. See our blog for some more info on the Sirona Galileos, or just click on this video. Try not to be distracted by the super-cool dental equipment reps!

Come and get your dental implants from Dr. Richter. Twin Aspen Dental Center is a little dental clinic with BIG technology, it’s a place where the caring staff and experienced doctor will help you through this process from beginning to end. You’ll get a custom desiged treatment plan that fits you, the medical technology that improves safety, healing time and comfort, and BOGOHO! never hurt anyone either. Contact us now by clicking here or call us at 303-841-7466.