Sleep Apnea Treatment in Parker, CO

Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT)

Can a dentist help me with my sleep apnea? How?

Not every dentist is equipped to help with sleep apnea but we are able to create a type of oral appliance or mouthguard that either can supplement or replace your CPAP depending on how severe you sleep apnea symptoms are.

How does this mouthguard or oral appliance work?

The oral appliances for sleep apnea open your airway by holding your jaw forward and open while you sleep. This has the effect of giving your tongue more room so it doesn’t collapse your airway and can often times eliminate your snoring. Snoring and sleep apnea are related, and while one who snores doesn’t always have sleep apnea, people with sleep apnea ALMOST ALWAYS SNORE.

I ordered one of these appliances off of a late night infomercial and it didn’t work, how is yours any different?

Our oral appliance is custom made to only fit you. The oral appliance is adjusted before manufacture and then titrated over several appointments after to make sure that they are adjusted to within 1mm of where they are providing the most airflow at night. The generic ones that you order from TV are hit or miss. Mostly miss.

Is it expensive?

Most of the cost is covered by your health insurance. Medicare patients can even opt for one of these appliances without insurance preauthorization. Depending on your plan, out-of-pocket costs rarely are over $300 and if you opt for an at-home sleep study, you could pay $200. It is rare to pay $500, but the value of eliminating your snoring and getting a good night’s sleep is totally worth it. (Just ask your wife!)