Meet Dr. Richter and the Staff

Twin Aspen Staff FunDr. Brian Richter and Dr. Larry O’Neill are the first to admit that their professional and courteous staff are the secret to success.

From the Administrative Staff to Clinical Assistants to the Dental Hygiene Department, each member of Brian’s team shares one common goal: to make your trip to the dentist as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

The environment in his office is fun and lighthearted. On a typical visit you might encounter a singing staff member or you might get your order in on the morning coffee run. The staff’s real strength lies in its unsurpassed experience and clinical skills. As Expanded Duty Clinical Assistants, each assistant has the high-level training needed to handle any type of dental service with professionalism and care. Once you’ve experienced the friendly, customer-first care of Larry’s highly-trained staff, you’ll know why Dr. Richter’s office has been so highly praised by both patients and peers.

Clinical Assistants

Our clinical assistants, Tiffany,  Lindsey and Audrey are expanded duty trained to place fillings and perform advanced procedures with a gentle touch.

Dental Hygienists

Rebekah, Courtney and Mandy, our dental hygienists, not only care for your smile, but enjoy hearing about how your day is going.

Administrative Staff

At our front desk, Dana, Suzanne, and Jo will ensure your appointments are on time and that your questions are promptly answered. Our personable staff keeps you involved in your care and respects your time.

As of January, 2016 Dr. Brian Richter bought Twin Aspen Dental, check out his page by clicking his name. That means Dr. O’Neill is setting his sights on retirement at some point here in the future, despite his repeated denials and “no comments”. Our patients won’t notice the difference, as we have the same staff and the same commitment to quality and technology!

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Larry O’Neill — A Passion for Dentistry

“The practice of dentistry is perfect for me. It is both a vocation and an avocation. I love every aspect of the practice. The relationship my staff and I and our patients enjoy is very gratifying. I look forward to being in the clinic every day. No day is boring. Every day is different because we do many different kinds of treatment. I feel our patients are all part of the staff family. Many of our patients feel the same way. We enjoy a free-wheeling style in the practice discussing movies, theatre, food, sports, music with our patients.

During the last thirty plus years, I’ve learned how to keep the atmosphere in the clinic fun and relaxing. Even kids love us. We keep it fun, but we underscore that fun with serious dedication to the science of dentistry. I love studying new techniques and materials and implementing the best of those in the practice. Keeping current is critical to our success. We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep this practice state of the art. Some doctors buy boats and motorcycles and plasma TVs; I buy lasers!”

Larry doubts he will ever completely be out of dentistry. “I love working with my hands, the art, the science and the relations with the people we treat,” he says. Eventually, Larry wants to teach dentistry and work in free dental clinics providing pro bono care for those who need it. For now, he’s where he wants to be doing what he wants to do.