Dental Implants in Parker, CO

Dental Implants in Parker Colorado

How do I replace my missing teeth? We hear this question a lot and we know it affects a great portion of the simplest joys in your life. Eating, talking, and smiling are all affected by missing teeth. Dental implants are the best solution to fix your missing teeth, as it is the most complete replacement that you can buy. The dental implant solution replaces both the tooth and the root of the tooth for the most natural feeling and looking result.  Dental implants are as strong as your natural teeth, and since the tooth has been replaced by something that is rooted to bone, it makes sure that the bone around the missing tooth stays put and doesn’t erode away. Bone loss can threaten the teeth adjacent to the one that has gone missing. We perform dental implant surgery as well as create the crown or restoration that goes on top of the implant. (Click this to see a short video explaining bone loss.)


Three parts of a dental implant

Dental implant abutment and crown.

What is a dental implant? How does it work? An implant typically consists of 3 parts. 1. The implant itself is essentially a titanium screw coated with space age material that promotes bone integration. It is screwed into the place where the root of your missing tooth was, and is usually allowed to heal for a few months. This screw serves as the foundation for 2. The abutment. The abutment is attached to the implant above the gums and can be fabricated to stick out at different angles with different attachments to receive the 3. The restoration. The restoration can be a single tooth, a bridge, dentures or even a combination of those items!

Are dental implants expensive? Well, the short answer is yes. On the high end, you can pay over $6,000 per tooth to get implants, and dental insurance doesn’t help you very often. Why are dental implants so expensive? The implant process is a completely custom process that only fits the person it is intended for. The implant hardware is expensive by itself and only fits in the space provided, so it is custom sized. The doctor who places the implant is (ideally) extensively trained in the surgical protocol that is required for implant placement. Sometimes the implant site needs bone or tissue grafting. The abutment is typically custom fabricated, and the restoration on top of the implant and the abutment is almost always custom made as well.

Cone beam x-rays are used to place precision dental implants.

Superior X-ray technology allows for proper, precision implant placement and a shorter and less invasive surgery.

Why should I get implants at Twin Aspen Dental Center? Well, people who need implants, often need more than one, so we offer a Buy One Get One Half Off (BOGOHO) deal on your dental implant placement surgery, so we figure that while we’re in there we’ll place two or more and save you thousands of dollars. Also, we give you one of the most diagnostic x-rays available for the price of a 2-D pantograph. You can save up to $600 on the x-ray alone! Our Sirona cone beam x-ray device allows us to plan implant surgery in 3-D for greater precision and accuracy making the surgery much shorter in length, and allows us to see many potential complications before surgery. Also, we fabricate the restorations and place them here. The same doctor that places your implant is also placing the abutment and crown making Twin Aspen Dental Center your one-stop-shop for all things dental implant related.

Call us for more information about dental implants at 303-841-7466 or click here to contact us if you have further questions.  Someone from our office will get in touch with you on the weekdays usually within 24 hours.