Dental Veneers with CEREC in Parker, CO

Did you know that your favorite Parker dentist can place permanent crowns or dental veneers in a matter of hours, with no second visit, temporaries or lab time? Not many dentists in Colorado opt for this cutting edge technology, but with the CAD/CAM technology of CEREC, we can prepare your teeth for crowns or dental veneers by shaping them so that they have optimal surface area to adhere to their new restorations.  Then we scan the teeth and the area around the teeth that are to be replaced. This scan assists the dentist to create a micrometer perfect tooth or dental veneer that is custom designed only for you and only fits in the space provided. This scan is then sent to a milling machine that uses diamond cutting bits to cut your new teeth or dental veneers out of a block of porcelain. The porcelain is in a par fired state at this point and is lavender tinted in color. In this state, the dentist can still work with the shape of the individual teeth and try the crown or dental veneer in the mouth.  Finally, the crowns or dental veneers are heated in a special kiln that fires the porcelain into a super hard state and the crowns or dental veneers lose their lavender color and are ready for final staining or hand coloring by the dentist to make the exterior of the teeth look as natural as the one that it replaced.

Courtney’s One Day Makeover

After Dental Veneers

After: New Dental Veneers. Just look at the STUNNING results!

Courtney had a wedding to go toHER OWN! Naturally, she wanted to be able to smile in her own wedding pictures, but the damage from her childhood created by sugary drinks and poor brushing routines created these dark regions of remineralization. That’s right, later in life Courtney learned to take better care of her dental health and the dark regions that you see are actually the enamel healing itself! Courtney still thought her teeth were unsightly and decided to do something about them before her wedding.  She got a one-day-makeover at Twin Aspen Dental Center. Veneers made by CEREC that are beatiful, tough and permanent! Just look at the difference:

Before Dental Veneers

Before: Dental Veneers can be created for patients in one day at Twin Aspen Dental in Parker Colorado.