Free Whitenings at Twin Aspen Dental Center

Twin Aspen Dental Center’sĀ Free Teeth Whitening for Life Program

Many of our patients already know that we will whiten your teeth for free after the first New Patient Visit (with cleaning, exam and X-Rays). We do this so that our patients can see and feel the difference that a beautiful smile makes in their lives, but did you know that we will whiten your teeth for as long as you remain a patient at our practice? For free!

We have decided to offer this service to our patients because people who are proud of their smile take better care of their teeth. Patients that take better care of their teeth are less apt to get cavities and have major restorative procedures done at our office and we feel that is the way it should be.

Also, there are new studies that link poor oral health to increased risk of several different types of cancer, heart disease and stroke. Your mouth is the gateway to your body. It sees the foods we eat and drink and the air we breathe. Your mouth is full of tiny capillaries that are in direct contact with your blood supply. So it just stands to reason that having poor oral hygiene can affect all of the rest of your body.

We stand for healthy smiles and healthy bodies. They go hand in hand. That is the reason that our slogan is “Dentistry for Life

So, to qualify, you must keep your hygiene schedule, and complete your initial and any subsequent treatment plans. That’s it! If you do those things, we will whiten your teeth (up to a $500 value) every year for absolutely free as long as you are active in our practice. How cool is that?

Give it a shot. You can opt-out at any time, but we are confident that you will see and FEEL the difference as we bring your mouth to optimum health and beauty, and keep it that way for the rest of your life!

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