Denture Post Op

What to Expect With New Dentures


If you have had dentures for a time, getting a new set should be a simple procedure. There will be some getting used to the new teeth and there may be a few sore spots to adjust for. Appointments for these adjustments are part of the process of getting new dentures. You should continue to get regular dental examinations to make sure your dentures fit and check your tissue for health.

Immediate Dentures

Many people get their first set of dentures by having their remaining teeth removed and the dentures seated on the same day. This avoids a period of time with no teeth. These dentures are called immediate dentures. Most people do very well with this procedure.

Getting a mouthful of dentures all of a sudden is big change. It is normal for it to take at least a few days to learn to speak, eat, and function with the new dentures.

Removing the teeth is done in the clinic. When the dentures are seated they will have a soft liner on the inside. This liner helps keep the denture in place, serves as a bandage, and provides some cushioning.

After Care for Immediate Dentures After having your teeth removed and immediate dentures seated, you will be asked to do the following.

  1. Keep the dentures in place for 48 hours.
  2. Rinse gently as needed with the dentures in place.
  3. Return for an appointment in 48 hours.
  4. Take your medications as directed.
  5. Practice speaking by reading aloud.
  6. Start eating a soft diet and gradually introduce more foods.
  7. Return about once a month for a new soft liner.
  8. Have the denture permanently relined in six months.