Denture Cleaning


  1.  Dentures should be removed at night and placed in water while you sleep.
  2.  Place dentures in Clorox-Calgon Solution overnight, or at least 30 minutes daily.
  3.  After soaking, thoroughly remove all cleanser by light brushing under tap water.  Lightly brush dentures with a soft toothbrush.  Denture brushes with stiff, coarse bristles can cause wear to the denture materials.
  4.  To prevent breaking dentures, brush denture over a towel or over a basin half-filled with water.
  5.  Massage gums daily with a thumb, finger, or soft toothbrush for five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening.


(a low-cost, effective cleanser for dentures)


1 teaspoon Clorox

2 teaspoons Calgon

6 ounces water

  • Calgon is a water softener which is available at some grocery stores.  Do not use Calgonite (a dishwasher detergent) or Calgon Bath Oil Beads.
  • Do not use this solution on dentures that have metal components.
  • Do not use this solution on dentures that have a soft lining.
  • Soaking dentures in this solution for a minimum of 30 minutes is required to kill most bacteria.

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