Post op Instructions Following Dental Treatment At Twin Aspen Dental Center – Dentures



One of the hardest things to do in the dental world is to get used to a new set of dentures.  You have to be patient and re-teach yourself how to do many of the normal everyday functions you have taken for granted for so long such as talking and eating.  The acclimation period will be tougher for some than others.  There will be sore spots that need to be adjusted and this requires multiple visits to your dentist.  Long-term, you will want to get normal dental examinations to make sure your dentures fit and to check the health of your tissue.


Immediate Dentures


Many people get their first set of dentures the same day that their remaining teeth are removed.  This avoids a period of time with no teeth.  These are called immediate dentures.


After receiving your immediate dentures, you will need to do the following things:


  • Keep the dentures in place in your mouth for 48 hours.  If you need to rinse your mouth out, try to do so with the dentures in.  If you have to take them out, do so quickly and put the dentures right back in.  Leaving them out can cause swelling, making the dentures problematic to get back in.
  • Return for a follow up appointment in 48-72 hours.
  • Take your medications as directed.
  • Practice speaking by reading aloud.
  • Start eating a soft diet and gradually introduce more foods.
  • Have the denture permanently reline in 6 months.


If you have any questions or concerns, call Twin Aspen Dental Center at 303-841-7466.  If you have a question or issue after hours, call Dr. Richter’s cell phone at 979-777-7286.