Root Canal Post Operation

Root canals are very common. Thanks to new techniques and new anesthetics, they are no longer the horrible experience that television and movies made them out to be.

Following a root canal, even though there is no longer a nerve inside the tooth, it is very common for the tooth to be sensitive to bite and touch.  This is because there are still live nerve fibers in the ligament that surrounds and holds the tooth in place.  This pain should be manageable by using ibuprofen or aspirin.  You can also take two ibuprofen (400mg) and one extra strength Tylenol (500mg) every 4-6 hours.

If pain cannot be managed with the above regiment or if you notice swelling or throbbing with the worsening of symptoms, please contact the office.

If you have any questions or concerns, call Twin Aspen Dental Center at 303-841-7466.  If you have a question or issue after hours, call Dr. Richter’s cell phone at 979-777-7286.