Specials and Coupons

Specials and Coupons?

Specials and coupons are available seasonally for different procedures. Often you’ll hear these special deals on the radio, sometimes you’ll see the specials and coupons on TV. Sometimes you’ll get the specials and coupons through the mail. Check these out and take advantage of them today!

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1. Implant, abutment and crown for a bundled price of $3,599. This is a $2-3000 savings! What it does not include is any bone grafts, extractions, tissue grafts or custom crowns or abutments. Sometimes some of these other procedures or options may be required to replace the tooth, so take advantage of your free consultation to know for sure!

2. $500 off Invisalign Full Case. This is off the already stellar price of $5,280, and does not include Express or Refinement cases. Nor does it include the retainers at the end of treatment, but you will get a free whitening to show off those beautiful straight teeth when you are done!

3. New patient Free Whitening or Whitening Trays. We’ve been doing this for years. On the completion of your first cleaning, x-rays, and exam, you can set an appointment to get an in-office whitening, or get whitening trays made to wear at night! Your choice!

4. $200 off Crowns, Caps and Veneers. This is only for in-office CEREC crowns. These insanely durable convenient crowns are the ones you want anyway. With a permanent crown that can only take one 2 hour appointment, you save the time and energy of wearing a temporary crown and going to a second appointment. There are cases where you may need a custom blended shade or color. These crowns are excluded from the deal.

**Even with these disclaimers some restrictions may apply because every person’s individual treatment is different. Call us today with any other questions that you may have! 303-841-7466.

Some people know about our $5,280 Invisalign special, but if you mention this special page on our website not only can you get your teeth straightened for this amazing price, but you can also get a free whitening after your ortho treatment is over! We call it a mini-smile makeover! Just say that you saw this on our website and we’ll get you straightened AND whitened…for free.

What’s Invisalign?  Why do I want it?  Well, check out this page on our website.