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Locally Owned, Locally Trusted Dentist in Parker, CO

Comprehensive Dental Services

Twin Aspen Dental Center is Parker’s top choice for dental care focusing on complete family dental care to include Implants, Invisalign, Dentures, Laser Gum Treatment, and so much more. Our caring staff has the experience and training to address all of your dental needs with the care and comfort you deserve.

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What should I do if I have missing teeth? Dental implants are the preferred method to replace missing teeth, as they act just like a tooth that has a root surrounded by your natural bone. The root of the tooth prevents the bone around it from eroding away and creating cascading issues for the existing teeth around the vacant area.

What should I look for in a dentist that places my dental implants? Doctors that place dental implants should be very familiar with all aspects of the procedure from the surgical placement of the implant to restoring the area with a crown or denture. Whether you’re replacing a single tooth, or implanting dentures or a bridge, the emphasis for your dental implants should always be on custom, precision placement

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Cosmetic Dentistry

How do I make my teeth look better? By now you’ve heard of the term cosmetic dentistry and seen makeovers on TV, that include amazing smile makeovers. Your local Parker dentist does that kind of work every day! Cosmetic dentistry uses different procedures such as whitening, veneers, crowns, bonding, and Invisalign to give you that smile you’ve always desired, even though you may not have been blessed with perfect, straight, white teeth.

How do I find a dentist that will perform the best cosmetic dentistry for me? That’s easy! Ask to see before and after pictures of actual patients. You want to find a dentist that can perform cosmetic procedures, but also has an eye for proper, beautiful aesthetics.

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Do I have to wear unsightly metal wires and brackets to straighten my teeth? Well, with Invisalign, the answer is no! One of the best things that you can do for your smile is to straighten those teeth. Not only does straightening your teeth make them look better, but they function better. If you reduce crowding, you reduce the amount of places for plaque to hide and your teeth are easier to clean and stay healthier with less effort from you. Invisalign is the best way to accomplish this task. Without wires, bands or brackets, we can reposition your teeth, gradually, using clear plastic aligners. You replace the aligners weekly, and at the end of your treatment, you have the perfect straight teeth that you have wanted all your life.

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Twin Aspen Dental Center

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