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Before & After Dental Treatments from Twin Aspen Dental Center

At Twin Aspen Dental Center, we want to show off our work, so you can rest assured you are working with the right dental office. Below are some of our patient’s pre and post procedure pictures showing the quality of our work. We have also included a brief explanation of the procedure they received while in our care at Twin Aspen Dental Center.

Don’t let payments or costs keep you from getting proper treatment! Twin Aspen Dental Center will work with you to finance large treatments with no interest! Our front desk staff is superb at finding how your insurance benefits can work for you with our procedures.

Steven before and after teeth whitening procedure

Whitening for First Impressions


Steven entered the job market after college and wanted his smile to create a great first impression. The solution was a smile whitening procedure in our office. In a little over an hour, Steven got the smile he wanted, and the job!

matt before and after teeth discoloration treatment

Discoloration Isn’t Permanent


One of Matt’s front teeth had become discolored after it died. Matt thought that this front tooth was an unfortunate, permanent fixture to his smile and hid it often. After a couple of appointments, the interior bleaching of the tooth was complete, and Matt has a completely new smile!

chad before and after crooked teeth alignment

A Promotion for Teeth


After Chad’s promotion, he took stock of himself in the mirror and felt that his chipped and misaligned teeth could use some attention. He also hated the old crown that took the place of his front tooth. The answer: Invisalign clear braces and some new crowns. Chad’s looking good, and his confident new smile has him feeling like a new man.

Cindy before and after reducing gap in teeth

Gap No More


Cindy had excess space between her front teeth. In her case, porcelain veneers were the answer to eliminate the spaces and give her a great smile.

Wendy before and after a smile makeover procedure

Smile Makeover


Wendy was dissatisfied with her smile. Wear and old dental restorations had taken their toll on the appearance of her teeth. In this true “smile makeover,” we used several techniques including whitening and replacing old restorations to give her this beautiful result!

Dorothy before and after her denture upgrade

Denture Upgrade


Dorothy’s old denture had settled over the years. We used modern denture technology to greatly improve the fit and chewing ability. Look at her smile!

Angela before and after invisalign procedure

Straight & Fewer Cavities


Angela had always wanted to straighten her teeth and during her last cleaning, her hygienist remarked that her crowded teeth were contributing to cavities because of the difficulty cleaning in between those teeth. She decided to get Invisalign, the invisible way to straighten your teeth and 8 months later, she had achieved the perfection she had always wanted.

Mick before and after lost tooth replacement

Replacing Lost Teeth


Mick lost two molar teeth on the lower left. He elected to replace them with dental implants and crowns. The pictures show the crowns in place and the x-ray shows the implants with the crowns on top.

Alan before and after denture implants

Grinding Takes Its Toll


Alan had severely chipped and worn teeth after years of grinding. He had worn them down to the point where the nerve chambers were almost exposed. Alan thought he would need full upper and lower dentures, and he was worried how this condition could affect his life. Alan got a full set of crowns in a matter of a few appointments, and got a professionally made night guard to protect his teeth from grinding. “My wife can’t believe the difference,” he says.

bridget before and after replacing missing teeth

Replacing Missing Teeth


Bridget was one of those patients that came into the office stressed out and not knowing where to start. Her restorations from the past were showing their age, and she was missing three of her back teeth that gave the left side of her face a caved-in look. We completed her makeover with dental implants over a couple of years using her dental insurance and financing, making things much more manageable, just look at the results!

Wanda before and after denture implant procedure

No More Bad Dentures


Wanda’s story is all too common. She had a set of dentures that didn’t fit, and looked like she was wearing rows Chicklets as teeth. They didn’t function, didn’t fit, and looked terrible, so she just stopped wearing them. Her daughter wanted to get her a set that did what dentures are supposed to do, chew food, and look like natural teeth! We did her one better, and affixed the lower denture with state of the art implants. Check out more about Wanda’s denture transformation on our blog.

Jack before and after invisalign treatment

Function Follows Form


Jack is fairly unique for an Invisalign patient in that his main concern was function. Keeping his wisdom teeth was a decision that caused some crowding in the front. Jack also has been grinding at night that caused the uneven appearance of his front teeth. Despite this, his main concern was that his teeth weren’t fitting together very well, and causing him to grind even further. He opted for Invisalign to straighten his teeth to relieve the nightly grind, and his new, straight smile doesn’t hurt either!

Chipped tooth replacement before and after

Case 1

4 upper crowns/veneers and 2 lower crowns

Dental implant process before and after

Case 2

12 upper crowns and 11 lower crowns

Teeth Whitening Closeup

Case 3

A fixed denture (permanently stay in patient's mouth -- what you'll see from Clearchoice commercials, etc.

Before and after restorative dental implant surgery

Restorative Implants

Take the First Step Towards a Better Smile