Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure in Parker, CO

Cosmetic dentistry is a catch-all term that refers to many different types of dental procedures from tooth whitening to veneers that enable you to smile with perfection. Since there is such a broad range of techniques and procedures involved, Twin Aspen Dental Center is your family dental office with the experience, skill and artistry to craft that perfect smile.

What do people ask for when they see Dr. Richter for a cosmetic consultation? “Doctor Richter, I want straight, white teeth.” We use a multitude of procedures to achieve the results you want.


Parkours Best Invisalign Teeth by Twin Aspen Dental Care, Parker COThe invisible way to straighten your teeth. The clear plastic aligners gently align your teeth without wires or brackets. Crooked teeth can contribute to a multitude of dental problems. They can cause cavities because they are difficult to clean, and contribute to grinding and TMJ problems because they don’t fit together properly. Hundreds of our patients can attest to the benefits of Invisalign for both aesthetic and functional reasons, and the fact that the process is cleaner, more comfortable, and invisible, AND it is covered by insurance and flex plans make it the obvious choice over traditional metal braces. It’s an important component of our cosmetic arsenal. Read more about Parker’s best Invisalign and Invisalign Teen.


Veneers Before & After Twin Aspen Dental Center, Parker COMakeovers involving veneers are some of the most dramatic types of makeovers that you see on T.V. A thin porcelain structure is placed over your teeth that can affect size, proportion, color, and shape! Veneers are used to correct a variety of aesthetic issues, and now, under certain circumstances, Dr. Richter can fabricate them while you wait! Check out these amazing one-day-makeovers by clicking here! Using our next-generation 3-D cad cam technology, veneers and crowns can be fabricated in-office in a matter of hours. Ask us about your one-day-makeover when you come into our office!


Spaced Age tooth Colored materials by Twin Aspen Dental Care, Parker COSpace age tooth colored materials used to repair teeth can also be used to create small changes in tooth shape and size and repair damage. These are basically some of the same light-activated resins that are used to fill cavities. It is admittedly a “quick fix” because these resins don’t last forever, and can discolor over time, but bonding is used quite often to correct gaps and minor imperfections in cosmetic dentistry when veneers and other restorations are either overkill or financially out-of-reach.


Crown Teeth by Twin Aspen Dental Care Parker, COMany people don’t think of this as cosmetic dentistry, but if you have a damaged or broken tooth, the look of the repair is often as important as its function, especially if it’s in your smile line. Again, under certain circumstances, where the tooth shade is NOT a custom shade, Dr. Richter can fabricate crowns while you wait! A 2 hour appointment is often all that is required to fabricate and install a very durable all-porcelain crown saving you time off from the things you have to do.

Tooth and Gum Contouring

Tooth and gum Contouring by Twin Aspen Dental Care, Parker COOften times, people percieve asymetry as unattractive. Dr. Richter can reshape teeth and even gums to achieve a more symetrical look. Gum surgery and grafting of gum tissue can be painful for the patient. We use biolase and waterlase medical lasers to achieve results like the one that you see here. Using laser technology allows for greater precision, faster healing time, and greater patient comfort.

Teeth Whitening

Ah yes, the mother of all cosmetic procedures! Everyone wants white teeth. We offer a powerful chairside whitening that takes about 90 minutes, or offer a large variety of take home options. We can also bleach a single discolored tooth through a process of internal bleaching. Become our patient and get free teeth whitening for life!