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Enjoy the Convenience of Same Day Crowns

When you are ready to fix your smile quickly, come to Twin Aspen Dental Center in Parker, CO for same day crowns. Individuals who go through life with damaged or misshapen teeth may hesitate to be their outgoing selves because they are self-conscious about their smile. Dr. Brian Richter and his team of dental experts are proud to offer same day crowns to improve your smile and restore your confidence. In addition to a better appearance, same day crowns can bolster the functionality of your teeth. Call us today to learn more about the process and benefits of same day crowns.


Understanding Same Day Crowns

Same day crowns – otherwise known as CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) or milled crowns – are tooth-shaped caps that we can place over your existing tooth to restore its shape, size, appearance, and functionality. Same day crowns are a perfect solution when you have a chipped or broken tooth that is affecting your everyday function. We can develop these restorative options while you are at our office, allowing you to leave with your issue solved in one short, two-hour visit.

How We Create Same-Day Crowns in Parker, CO

Crowns comprise various materials – most commonly metal, porcelain, or ceramic – and can be temporary or permanent. The process is relatively simple, especially for same-day crowns. We begin by administering local anesthesia to guarantee your comfort throughout the procedure. Once you are numb, we will carefully shape your tooth to make room for the crown among your other existing teeth. Using state-of-the-art technology, our team will then take digital impressions of your mouth to use for the creation of your same-day crown. These impressions are input to our CEREC machines, which fabricate crowns that match your shape, size, and color. As a result, you will not have to wait days or weeks for a permanent crown while dealing with an annoying temporary replacement that is prone to falling out at the most inopportune times. Once it is ready, we will adhere the CEREC crown to your tooth using dental cement. You can go home with a fresh, radiant smile after just one appointment.

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Comparing Same-Day Crowns to Traditional Crowns

Traditional crowns serve the same purpose as same-day crowns but achieve it in a different manner. Rather than taking advantage of the expedited process for CEREC crowns at Twin Aspen Dental Center, patients who opt for traditional crowns must wait weeks and have multiple appointments before resolving their oral health issue. Traditional crowns are made in a lab using impressions of your mouth. While you wait for your traditional crowns to be ready, you must employ temporary crowns that can become loose and may allow bacteria to reach your tooth.  A second appointment to seat your crown often requires getting numb again and relying on the lab technician to have a good day when making the crown.




Benefits of CEREC Crowns

The most obvious benefit of CEREC crowns is their ability to save you time. You can restore your smile with just one visit to Twin Aspen Dental Center instead of spending weeks waiting while hassling with uncomfortable temporary crowns. We use high-grade porcelain to create our CEREC crowns, ensuring they are strong and resilient regardless of your eating habits. Other benefits of same-day crowns include:

  • Protection – CEREC crowns can protect weak teeth from breaking, helping you maintain a full, appealing smile.
  • Restoration – If you have worn down, discolored, or broken teeth, same-day crowns can rectify them in mere hours.
  • Coverage – Same day crowns are ideal for the coverage and support of large fillings.
  • Exactitude – Precise, digital scanning can ensure that your same-day crowns meet the exact dimensions of your mouth.
  • Comfort – Because we use high-quality materials and precise measurements, your same-day crown will feel as comfortable as your natural teeth.

Determining the Best Type of Crown for You

We are proud to sing the praises of same-day crowns for our patients. We know your time is valuable and you would much rather spend it somewhere other than a dentist’s chair, so the speed with which we can make CEREC crowns is a huge benefit. Furthermore, with our high-tech equipment, we can create crowns that fit perfectly the first time. You risk discomfort or subsequent appointments related to your traditional crown if a lab technician was not precise enough during its creation. Visit our office to discuss your options and why same-day crowns may be right for you.

Contact Twin Aspen Dental Center for Same Day Crowns

If your smile is not as even or radiant as you want it to be, seek assistance from Dr. Richter in Parker, CO. In just one trip to Twin Aspen Dental Center, you can modify the look and functionality of your smile with CEREC crowns. Same-day crowns eliminate wait times and contour directly to your teeth for an immediate improvement to your appearance and functionality. This can help boost your confidence in public and allow you to be your true self. Contact us today to discuss your options and schedule an appointment.

Take the First Step Towards a Better Smile