710 KNUS – Peter Boyles

Peter Boyles Valued Member of Twin Aspen Dental Care, Parker CO

Peter Boyles isn’t your typical radio talk show host. He has spent years on air taking both sides of the political aisle to task. His evenhanded and unrelenting pursuit of truth has made him a true Colorado original, and a mainstay of morning radio and Colorado political thought for many years. Click on his picture to check out his website/blog on KNUS.com.

Peter Boyles is also a valued member of our dental family! We are going to put some new chompers on Peter’s upper teeth to show you what one of our smile makeovers using state-of-the-art porcelain veneers can look like. The difference will be amazing. Veneers are essentially porcelain crowns that go over the front of your existing teeth creating a “veneer” that can correct uneven teeth, misshaped teeth, discolorations or chips. Check out Peter’s big smile on www.710KNUS.com and listen to the Peter Boyles show weekdays from 5-9AM.

Peter also went through the Invisalign ClinCheck process to show what Invisalign treatment would look like if he opted for clear removable braces.  These digital animations are produced by 3D scanning, x-ray and photographic interpolation.  Pretty cool, huh?