Before and After Dental Implants in Parker, CO

It is a tough road when you are missing some or all of your teeth. We know that. It’s tough to eat, smile…talk! It’s something you think about many times a day, yet is such a daunting problem that you barely know where to start. These actual patients from our clinic started with a free implant consultation, and we helped them through the process. Often times we can finance large treatments with NO INTEREST, and our front desk staff is superb at finding your insurance benefits. The longest journeys begin with one step, and here are some of the results.

Replacing Missing Teeth: Bridget

Dental Implant Results: BridgetBridget was one of those patients that came into the office stressed out and not knowing where to start. Her restorations from the past were showing their age, and she was missing three of her back teeth that gave the left side of her face a caved-in look. We completed her makeover with dental implants over a couple of years using her dental insurance and financing, making things much more manageable, just look at the results!

No More Bad Dentures: Wanda

Denture results: WandaWanda’s story is all too common. She had a set of dentures that didn’t fit, and looked like she was wearing rows Chicklets as teeth. They didn’t function, didn’t fit, and looked terrible, so she just stopped wearing them. Her daughter wanted to get her a set that did what dentures are supposed to do, chew food, and look like natural teeth! We did her one better, and affixed the lower denture with state of the art implants. Check out more about Wanda’s denture transformation on our blog.