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How to Care for Your Dental Appliances

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Many people have dental appliances of various kinds. Most of these are resin (plastic) based and require daily care. If not well cleaned they will eventually change color and acquire a distinct odor. They may also lead to decay of the teeth they touch and gum disease. There are some things that should and should not be done.


  1. …Wear them as instructed.
  2. …Clean them daily. Brushing with toothpaste is good. Better is to brush and use one of the soaking cleaners that are available. With these you simply plop a tablet in a small amount of warm (not hot) water and immerse the appliance for the amount of time specified. We will recommend a product for you.
  3. …Have them checked for proper fit and function during your regular check-ups.

Do Not…

  1. …Drop them in the wash basin or on another hard surface. Dropping them may cause them to break or deform so they won’t fit correctly.
  2. …Boil them or otherwise subject them to high heat. All plastics will melt or deform if heated too much. Do not use water hotter than you would drink for cleaning.
  3. …Let your dog get hold of them! Fido will make minced meat out of the appliance before you can get it back. Once they smell like you they are irresistible to dogs.
  4. …Drink highly sugared or acidic drinks while wearing the appliances. The sugar and acid trapped against your teeth can quickly cause decay. If you must drink with them in place, as with dentures, swish water in your mouth when you are done and swallow or spit out the water. You will remove the sugar and acid from your mouth.
  5. …Soak them in peroxide, alcohol, kerosene, gasoline, nuclear waste or anything other than the appropriate cleaner. Harsh chemicals can change the color, warp the plastic, or leave a dangerous residue.